Ruthless Invader

Ruthless Invader copyIn the dangerous unsettled times of 5th century England, native Britons join to fight off invading bands of Saxon warriors. With her husband Bedwyr off at battle, Nefyn lingers at their homestead hoping for one last visit from him before she flees to the mountains with the last of their belongings. The door latch rattles and she is suddenly confronted with a tall warrior and the risk of rape and death.

An erotic historical short romance

(A shorter version of this story was previously published as part of the HOT HIGHLANDERS AND WILD WARRIORS anthology.)

Comes with BONUS short short, Midwinter Enchantment. Augusta joins her friends at a winter solstice gathering in the great province hall where feasting and magic await the excited throng. Distracted, she lingers in the candlelit foyer where an unexpected visitor sends gooseflesh up her arms.

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