Captives of Desire – A Collection

Captives of Desire

Rape, pillage, plunder. Those were the bywords of life in the British Isles from the time of the Romans in 50 AD until the Norman invasion in 1066. The Captives of Desire collection includes short stories, novelette, and novella drawn from each phase of these invasions, women who in one way or another found themselves caught up by men of conquering armies – Roman, Saxon, Viking – women who met such invaders with courage, fear, and not a small amount of pleasure. One woman, one man, the blood of battle forgotten… worlds mesh and new generations spring up from unexpected love.

Praise for Captives stories:

The Dane’s Bride:

**5 stars**  A Saxon maiden gets conquered by a brutish Danish warrior. This is the first erotic, in fact any romance novel, set in this time period that I’ve read/reviewed and am looking to read more of.

**5 stars** Sizzling hot romance

**5 stars** A must for Game of Thrones fans. While this is definitely more historically accurate than GOT, it has the same sort of appeal…

The Captive:

**5 stars** Enticing tale…great short story

Ruthless Invader:

**5 stars** Steamy story with real dimension

A Taste of Love:

**5 stars** I enjoyed it very much, plenty of historical detail and color.

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