I write to the edge. Let me take you there!

A Wrinkle in Time captured my heart in seventh grade. Who had ever imagined such fabulous, mind-bending possibilities? I plunged into the literature—Huxley, Asimov, all the classics. Then on to everything from Cat’s Cradle to pulp romance.

What I love about science fiction is that anything is possible. The author is free to dream of utopias and dystopias, distant planets and human beings mutated into a distant echo of our current selves. The world depends on such dreaming for its inspiration for everything from space travel to explorations into the genome of Neanderthal.

In my erotic romance work, I go for explicit. Until recently, sex scenes in most books erupted behind closed doors. I hated that fade-to-black point in a story. Why has it been acceptable to describe the details of violence, hate, fear, anger, and greed, but not the up-close-and-personal descriptions of touch, desire, and love?

I like to show a process in my stories where discovery is key to character development. Just like in real life.


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  1. teasingnotions says:

    Thank you for your visit, your blog has certainly got my attention, as I am just getting started here. I look forward to your direction with you writing being a wonderful influence. 🙂


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