Reviews for Jarrod Bancroft

jarrod5 stars: This is another scorcher from this amazing author. There is a little bit of EVERYTHING in this story, male/male, female/female and male/female. It’s definitely a book will cause some heat to build up so make sure your partner is around or you are stocked up on batteries. I give this book 5 stars with 5 hands down the pants!! Wonderful job Lizzie!! Donna

5 stars: As Jarrod’s story progresses we learn more about both his and Macie’s pasts…The author has managed to write some very shocking kink scenes ( who knew there is such a thing as a male chastity belt?…..not me!) Yet write a gripping storyline that will have you reading faster and longer while holding your breath for the outcome. This series was so much more than kink (which was overflowing) Lizzie Ashworth provides us with a storyline of loss, love, and acceptance. Note: The characters had many layers and I personally loved the fact that despite what Jarrod, Macie, and Chris endured in their pasts they surpassed the negative and we the readers got our HEA. Patricia

4.5 stars: I enjoyed the different tone of this second part and think it will be enjoyed by fans of erotica. I welcomed the opportunity to become acquainted with the protagonists on a deeper level. I like the fact that, without their relationship for comfort, Jarrod and particularly Macie, become more exposed and because of this, their weaknesses allow us to connect with them. Kirsty

4 stars: (In Part II) the interactions between the two main characters have developed into a mental mind game. Both characters are falling in love with each other but neither have crossed the line of acknowledging it. Prismseven

4 stars: This book is very emotional and parts of it brought me to tears. The book is no longer just about BDSM and submission, but feelings between Macie and Jarrod. (Part II) ends in a suspenseful event and you can’t help but wanting to know more. (Overall) Jarrod Bancroft was a very suspenseful book… The story was very emotional for me at times and I kept wondering what was going to happen next. Ms. Ashworth writes beautifully descriptive locations that make you feel that you are there also. I loved the ending with the ‘game’ used to make a decision. Another great story by Ms. Ashworth! Lisa


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