Reviews for Salvation

bed5 stars! “I enjoyed this book so much! I absolutely love (and am terrified of) dystopian futures–so I couldn’t resist this book once I heard the summary. Lizzie has created an incredibly interesting and believable take on the future, filled with dynamic and unique characters–plus just a little bit of mysticism. With her usual style Ms Ashworth seamlessly incorporates action, sex and emotion into a riveting plot. I can’t wait to see what comes next in this series!”

5 stars! “The author’s words flow nicely and her style is an easy read. A very well crafted page turner. The author’s words flow nicely and her style is an easy read. Good character development. A nice dose of dystopian hedonism. You’ll like it.”

5 stars! “Good book. I like these kinds of books, makes you wonder what the future will bring. Excellent job.”

4 stars! “What an interesting read! Lizzie Ashworth built quite a new, dystopian world! The book was very descriptive and fast paced! So much action and different point of views! I was definitely left wanting more!”

4 stars! “Not your typical dystopian. I liked that this book had some very unique and very detailed ideas of a possible future. Each character was well written and the author played their backstories perfectly into the plot to keep you reading.”

4 stars! “A rich world awaits you. Salvation is a solid first book in what seems to be a very promising series. Ashworth’s world is rich and unique, rife with possibility and passion. The main character’s journey through his own self-landscape mirrors the greater struggle present within the plot. Characters are fleshed out and realistic, with identifiable struggles and crossroads. I look forward to reading the next one with excitement. I can’t wait to see where the characters end up!”

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