Salvation, House of Rae Book I

Rae Stewart, whose mid-21st century sex houses for women have become a worldwide phenomenon, has a problem. His name is Lucas, and he is her second in command – among other things she’d rather not think about. His green-eyed potent appeal sits like a burr under her saddle especially when he tries to override her decision about a new hire, Josh Carter, who – she admits – violates all the House security protocols. She wants Josh anyway – he’s young, gorgeous, and carries exactly the kind of explosive masculine arrogance that House clientele adore.

Lucas Haverson also has a problem – how to keep Rae from endangering herself and her enterprise. He’s ready to walk away, leave Rae and their embattled relationship behind him. Forget his regular clients who depend on his intimate services and park his life in a remote cabin somewhere far away from this constant aggravation. Just a few more days and he’ll have the Homeland Security investigation he needs to expose young Carter for what he is – a terrorist.

But what if he’s not?


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2 thoughts on “Salvation, House of Rae Book I

  1. Bobby says:

    An unusual book as the Author has created a world I may enjoy living in. The people of Earth are in touble and the carbon is making then sick. In this exciting blend of styles you find out what its like to live in this world and also interact with the charactors created by Lizzie Ashworth. Science fiction with an interesting blend of the exotic to the erotic and for my self… the depth of this book may have been the best part. But I think you folks will enjoy expiriencing it. But dont expect to sleep 🙂

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