Payback Blues — Cannon Cousins III

Dan Cannon confronts the worst experience of his life when he discovers money, and lots of it, is missing from company accounts. He’s a little heartbroken over the loss of Bryn in the intimate threesome he and his cousin Alex shared with her. He blames himself for being distracted so much that Cannon Company has suffered. When he hires CPA Riley Montgomery to track down the money, the last thing he expects is to find himself completely distracted by the woman.

Riley can’t afford to venture off into unethical dalliance with a client, even if the client is the devastatingly handsome Dan Cannon. She tries to stay focused on the pact she’s made with her old friend and current lover Lucy Duncan, after failed relationships caused both women to swear off men. When she meets Dan, however, she discovers a man that’s a whole order of magnitude different.

Things go from bad to worse when Riley discovers where the money trail leads and Lucy decides that the sparks flying between Dan and Riley require some friendly intervention. She can’t wait to call Dan’s bluff when he offers to spank her, never thinking that the next step might leave Riley in the cold.

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