Reviews for Jarrod Bancroft Book I


kitty5 stars:  “For fans of erotica Lizzie Ashworth has presented A Gift for Jarrod wrapped up in Christmas paper, tied with red ribbon and an added sprig of holly on top! The reader meets Jarrod as he enters Stonybrook Academy, to be trained in sexual obedience and submissiveness. Unknown to him, the head trainer of the Academy is known to him and Macie Fitzgerald wants to see if he is as hot as he looks! Although a novella Lizzie Ashworth is able to not only outline her characters, but ensure that the reader understands why Jarrod and Macie are in the position they are. A Gift for Jarrod has hotness, explosive sex scenes and most of all one of Lizzie Ashworth’s signature immersive plots, which keep me returning to her books.”

5 stars: “This is the third book by Lizzie Ashworth that I have read. The other two were hot; they inspired me to start using the “hands down the pants” rating system in my reviews of erotic books. With that being said I have to tell you that this is THE hottest of all her books. This book set my IPad on fire! It is a very Merry BDSM Christmas novella, but it honestly this book can be read at any time and I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a copy, buying fresh batteries and enjoying the wonderfully erotic book by this incredible author. I give this book 5 stars and 5 ++++ hands down the pants! Great job Ms. Ashworth! Donna McGuinness Reviews

5 stars: Amazing! This book placed a blush on my cheeks (which is not an easy task). The concept of an academy to help you find yourself and kink was a new one for me…I’ve read plenty of books dealing with bdsm clubs and sorts and rarely found myself in moments of shock as I did here. Not that I’m complaining one bit. Most of us enjoy some type of kink but being naked in front of strangers and whipped all day is even over the top for me. YET….I found myself so turned on that a cold shower sounded good. What does that say about me? Maybe nothing! I think it reveals how well the author draws you into to the life of her characters and the heat she is able to project to her readers. If you like extreme kink and are not a prude I think this is definitely an author you should give a try. Patricia

4.5 stars: A Gift For Jarrod felt like a gift for me because I got some graphically written erotica with a pleasant little romance bubbling under the surface. One thing Ashworth does that keeps me coming back for more, despite my qualms with her goofy sexual adjectives, is how well she forms the bonds between her characters. Every story is a delicate balance of character conflict, sex and love that blends so well from page to page. Ashworth draws me into her characters’ lives and makes me root for them even when they are sharing their bodies with someone else. Which by the way seems to be a common occurrence in her stories. That usually bothers me and HAS in some of her books really badly but within this setting it was understandable so I couldn’t protest. I’m just happy that when the cock rings cleared they found their way to each other. I laughed through her first book, cursed through her second and sprung a leak with this one. If you haven’t jumped on the Ashworth band wagon yet then you are missing out on some strangely amazing stories. Amanda (Hootie) Clark

4 stars: I’ve read ‘Faint Heart’ by Ms. Ashworth and love her writing style. This novella is somewhat different in that it focuses on BDSM and submissive training…This is a very erotic story that not only gives the reader an inside look at submissive training, the pain, humiliation, and denial, we also learn that this type of training can be helpful to those dealing with various types of pain in their lives. Although this type of lifestyle isn’t for me, the details are definitely intriguing and HOT! The book gives enticing thoughts of a future between Macie and Jarrod and I look forward to the next part of their lives. Lisa

4 stars: I was given this book for an honest review… This was my first book by Ms. Ashworth and I was not disappointed, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of writing and soon lost myself in the story. With wonderful characters and some very funny laugh out loud moments… I now have a whole new meaning of ring toss and Christmas stuffing :-).
What a sizzling read thoroughly enjoyed this novella and can honestly say I will be adding more of Ms. Ashworth books to my must read list… I highly recommend this book to all fans of erotica… Tracy

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