Reviews for Hers to Choose

bryn2 copyOn a rating scale of 5 stars:

5 stars — “This story will keep you reading, unless you have to run get a fan — or a vibrator. The book is totally hot and the characters come alive; you will remember them for a long time. Buy it!! Enjoy.”

5 stars — Angelica Dimeo rated it 5 of 5 stars   “I loved the plot it was very well written out and the characters were well detailed. The sex and BDSM scenes are hot! I will definately read the next in this series and look forward to Lizzie Ashworth’s future books.”

4.5 stars — Shawnie Nicole  // Earc received to do an honest review.

Hers to Choose is a novel about finding what you need, when you least expect it.

Alex is worried about his cousin Dan, after a betrayal on an epic scale he spirals out of control and Alex decides to take matters into his own hands. To save his cousin he in lists the help of Bryn who’s having a rough time and she wants to desperately save her family farm from being foreclosed on and the sudden call from her friend about Alex and what he needs for his cousin is a welcomed arrangement to her.

Dan’s emotional, to angry and he needs something to take the edge off or so that’s what Alex thinks. Its pretty obvious that he is a born Dom, even if he doesn’t know what he’s truly doing…yet. Bryn though, doesn’t like him straight off the bat, she judges before she understands what’s going on or why and I didn’t like that at all. But they “work” well together, the dominance and submission between them is so real you could feel it.

Alex is the sensitive one who goes above and beyond for his cousin, what he doesn’t expect is to like the women who is suppose to help his cousin. I have to admit he made me want to knock his head off, because he assumes most of the novel instead of just speaking up and clearing the air. He’s jealous and angry, he also doesn’t think much of the BDSM scene, but he’s also in my opinion scared of it. Bryn is just as bad, but I can forgive her since he was giving off some mixed up signals. I have to admit the scenes with Alex and Bryn are amazing, you can tell Alex is not a Dominate, but more of an attentive lover. I was absolutely giddy when they finally hashed it out with each other and cleared the air. The of why of it happening I would talk about. READ THE BOOK!

I have to say, I was hopping for a different ending. Me being the person I am, would have loved to see them in a joint relationship Alex, Bryn, and Dan a m/f/m. But Lizzie had other plans for her characters and no matter what it worked out alright for all of them.

I enjoyed this book and even though I hopped for a different ending I was still happy with it all around. This is a must read in my honest opinion and I hope for a novella maybe of the couple and maybe a book for Dan!

Book Pages and Dripping Ink gives Hers to Choose 4 1/2 stars and a must read stamp of approval.

4.5 stars:  “I found this book to be well written. The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic. Overall this was a great story. I liked it even if it ended much differently than I expected it too. I was surprised at the ending because I did not see it coming. I loved that I was kept on my toes throughout the book. I can’t wait to read the next book!” Night Owl Reviews

4 stars — “Bryn McClure has moved back to the family farm she inherited after her divorce. She is despite to save the farm from being foreclosed upon after refinancing to save her loser ex-husband. She had a job working for Brent Thomas, but he was holding her pay. She finally decides to rent the hunting cabin located on the property to cousins Alex and Dan Cannon. A mutual friend has asked if she would be interested in helping Dan out with a problem for a little extra money. In desperate need she agrees.

Alex Cannon is worried sick about his cousin Dan who is more like a brother to him. Dan is drowning his personal problems in pills and alcohol. After discussing the problem with a friend, it is suggested Dan may need to partake in some BDSM and domination to help him work through his issues and Bryn McClure is a willing submissive.

This arrangement is supposed to be strictly therapeutic, sex isn’t part of the deal and emotional involvement was never supposed to happen. Bryn loves the way Dan dominates her but he is a troubled man full of anger. Alex is someone she could care for but he says he’s involved plus Alex doesn’t understand her kink.

Alex is falling for Bryn, but she is loving her time with Dan and honestly he doesn’t get the domination submission aspect of their interactions. Can Bryn ever fall for him? What about Dan? How do they all fit together and how can this work?

This book is HOT. It is full of sex, kink and emotions. I give this book 4 hands down your pants especially the last chapter! This is a must read for erotica fans. Looking forward to the next one.”

4 stars  — “It is not easy to shock me. I have read lots of steamy. Lots of dirty. Lots stuff that would make others blush, but not me. No sirree bob. I am not easy shocked. Well, congrats Ms Ashworth. I was not totally shocked but certainly it took me to an Oh My Moment. A did I really just read that? The steam is in your face (and other body parts) STEAM.

Bryn is struggling with her finances after she moved back to her grandfather’s farm and quit her job. She loves living in the wilderness being around nature but she can’t make ends meet. So she decides to advertise that she is opening her farm to hunters. She has the cabin for them to stay in, she loves to cook, and has lots of land. Its like a Bed, Breakfast and Bambi.

Dan has had a terrible breakup with his wife. She cheated on him with his clients and co-workers. Dan is depressed. His cousin and business partner, Alex decides that a trip to the country is just what Dan needs to bring himself out of his funk. Thats funk. Not the other word. Yet. Oh, and the trip to the country….yeah its really a Bed, Breakfast, Bambi and BDSM. Bryn is available for submission and discipline. Whaaaaa? What do you google to find that? How do you make a business plan? Are there small business loans available? How do you settle on that combination of services? No golf course nearby…oh well…they can just spank me. No free wi-fi…that’s ok…tie me to a chair.

Bryn is attracted to Dan but totally over the moon for Alex. But Alex is worried about his cousin and wants the trip to be about Dan. Not about Alex and his attraction to Bryn. Can Bryn get through to Alex? Will Dan be able to work through his depression with Bryn? And this is just the first half of the book!

There are lots and lots of graphic uber sexy scenes. I am convinced Ms Ashworth has a dirty word/body part thesaurus app on her iPad. If you are looking for a sexy read…pick this one up. How shocked you are is up to you.”

4 stars — “Hers to Choose is a great novel about love and choices but also about hot dominance with two men. In my opinion the beginning of Hers to Choose is a little confusing because of the influx of character names and the jump right into the action without much of a back story. I really liked Dan and felt that Bryn judges him too hastily, I am so happy that she changed her thoughts about him later in the novel. Dan is going through an emotional period in his life and needs to take his frustrations out on something. I absolutely loved the scenes between him and Bryn because of their dominant and submissive natures.

Alex is more of the sensitive cousin and he goes out of his way to protect Bryn and to take care of her. Although the trip to the hunting cabin is for Dan, Alex does get some alone time with Bryn and begins to develop feelings for her. The middle of the novel angered me because of Alex’s actions and unwillingness to just talk to Bryn and explain his feelings. The altercation between Bryn and her former boss upset me and I wish it hadn’t happened, but it did clear some of the air between Alex and Bryn. And I absolutely loved the ending, although I would have chosen a different cousin. 🙂

Although I loved Hers to Choose for the most part some things did bother me. Alex and Bryn spend much of the novel denying themselves of each other because of their own stubbornness and miscommunication. Also later in the novel Bryn has a fear that what she has been doing with Alex and Dan could be considered prostitution. This confused me because, even though I have no problem with it, it made me think “What did she think trading her sexual submission for money was called?”

Overall: Overall I really enjoyed Hers to Choose and I will definitely read the sequel. I liked the sexual tension between Alex and Bryn but I loved the actual scenes between Dan and Bryn. The ending is great and I am happy with the outcome of the relationships of all three characters.”

4 stars: “Lizzie Ashworth has a good style of writing. She’s not just a good storyteller but she is able to bring out your emotions. At one point, Bryn was unable to cry but I sure was able to cry for her. I did find the story a little slow about 3/4 of the way through but it picked back up toward the end. And what an ending!

“As far as the sex and the BDSM, Hers to Choose puts 50 Shades to shame. It was not only descriptive but intense. So intense, in fact, that I have the sequel, His to Lose, but I’m going to wait a few days before I read it. I think I’ll read a children’s book next…

“If you enjoy erotica, this is a must read.”

4 stars:  Kirsty Vizard

Since the 50 Shades series I have tended to be very picky about which Erotica I read, avoiding any E L James ‘copies’ and usually books with huge amounts of BDSM involved (Ana and Christian put me off for life!). However, when Lizzie Ashworth offered me Hers to Choose in exchange for an honest review I admit I was intrigued by the synopsis; here are three people who have good reason for being in this situation. Alex has arranged for this ‘holiday’ for his cousin Dan on Bryn’s farm, so Dan can exorcise the demon of his cheating ex-wife. On advisement Alex thinks that Dan would benefit from taking a Dominant role sexually and through connections has learnt that Bryn is a Submissive. Although Bryn is not unhappy with this arrangement she desperately needs the money they are offering her to pay the mortgage to save the farm.
The sexual content of Hers to Choose is definitely not for the faint-hearted or those who are shy! Lizzie Ashworth does not hold back but neither do the scenes seem sordid, and I admire her for that! I also love the fact that Bryn is a sexually liberated woman who knows exactly what she wants, whether this is the ‘norm’ or not!
The plot becomes complicated when Bryn realises that although she enjoys the sub/dom relationship with Dan, she has feelings for Alex which he seems to reciprocate. I immediately liked Alex, who has a caring and approachable side and the fact that he is helping his cousin makes the reader warm to him, but Dan’s character is immediately harsh as his issues weigh him down, and Lizzie Ashworth chooses to develop him at a slower pace, though eventually we do see him open up.
The romance between Alex and Bryn is tentative because of the arrangement between Dan and Bryn, but this builds the expectation for the reader and is why we keep turning the page!! A satisfying ending for fans of erotica and romance!!

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